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Back to the real world today and yesterday (sob) but grateful that I had such a blast at KillerCon over the weekend here in Las Vegas.  Being my first conference, I was nervous, excited, hopeful, but also knew that other than new friendships, not much else probably would come from it.  However, more than just friendships sprouting from the hard ground formed, but I was inspired.  I have been working on a short story inspired by a moment that happened while at the hotel, but not truly linked to the conference because only two of us saw the event in the hallway on the 11th floor late Saturday night (or morning, not sure what time it was.)

As I have stated already, I made some great friends, created contacts that might help me on my road to success and best of all I was asked to help out next year as volunteer.  It is true, the start of the conference got off to a somewhat rocky start, but in the end, most if not everyone I spoke to said they had a wonderful time, and they are already planning next year’s trip to hang out again.  I know I have to thank Wrath for creating a warm and welcoming event, so even newbie’s to the conference world, like me, learned a lot, took steps to better ourselves and most of all, had a great time.

Plus I did something I hate to do (and yes it was all Mercedes fault again) I wrote a story in 20 minutes then got up and read it for anyone to hear.  I hate speaking in front of groups, but I guess last Friday night’s horror filled evening helped me feel more comfortable standing up and talking in front of others, which if I plan to make it as a writer, I will have to speak in front of others at panels, readings, or guest lectures. 

Plus I heard some FABULOUS stories read both Friday and Saturday night, and next year I might try reading a story aloud again, (the thought that just ran through my head was – yes Laura you are crazy.)  So I guess I am still on the high I achieved from attending KillerCon. 

Over the weekend, I learned more about myself and how to push myself as a writer each time I spoke to another person at the conference.  I doubt anybody I met at the conference realized how much of an impact each and every one of them made on me, and I am so grateful for every moment I had with each and everyone there.  I watched a new friend Christopher Boyle receive his first acceptance at the conference which warmed my heart, and many people told me they loved my story, but what really did it for me, was how each and every person there wanted to help the others who had not achieved success and the ones still looking for the brass ring had something to offer back as proof we all deserve to make it.

If you want to more about KillerCon check out, check out my new friend Christopher at,   my good friend Mercedes M. Yardley at where you can learn all about our crazy time at the conference. 

I hope everyone thinks about going next year, because if this year was any indication of what next year will bring, it will be a great time, a chance to meet great friends and most of all great contacts (and yes RJ I am waiting to hear back from you.)