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This week has been exciting, difficult, stressful, fun and crazy.  I have less than a week until I go to my first writer’s conference, Killercon and I have been busting my butt trying get my work ready to hopefully present/pitch at the conference.  I am so looking forward to going, but the stress of getting ready is starting to drag me down.  Not that I mind working hard to accomplish my goal of being a publish novelist and screenwriter, but today, at the end of a long week of real work (you now the work you go to M-F to get a paycheck to pay the bills,) creative work, and trying to have a bit of fun, is making me so tired and unproductive.  I have been working all day on trying to finish up a rewrite of one of my novels (okay not the whole novel but a section to present at the conference) and I am just out of steam.  I have the drive to want to do more, but for me just typing up this blog is an effort right now. 

I have tried using music, which usually is one of my biggest forms of inspiration and motivation, but today, I can’t move forward.  I guess part of me misses doing one thing, reading.  Since I have been pushing myself so hard on my writing, I have not had any time for down time of reading.  I miss reading.  To try to keep my mind from going crazy I have found myself checking out the local news on the net to read something, but that’s not helping much.  As much as I love to write, I believe without reading, my writing will NOT grow, so to go this long without really reading is driving me crazy.

What’s worse is I have 6 new books I just bought at Barnes N Nobles with gift card money (thanks Mom for the gift card) and I have the books at home, sitting where I stare at them if I am sitting on the couch.  Maybe tomorrow on the plane to San Fran I will have time to do some reading, if I am far enough done with my writing and editing. 

And that leads me to another reason I am feeling unmotivated.  I miss writing and creating.  I haven’t written anything “NEW” in the last two or three weeks except rewrites of my novels.  I miss creating worlds, characters, plots.  Maybe I should give myself a break and just write (oh wait that is what I am doing right now.)

I guess I am just starting to long for National Novel Writing Month, to get me back in the swing of writing nonstop for 30 days to hit a crazy goal, but I guess after tonight I will have enough work done on the rewrite of my novel Cat Scratched that I might have a bit of down time.

Okay off to edit this (ugh) and then post it.  Have a wonderful weekend and I keep telling myself, next week I only have to work Monday through Wednesday.  YEAH!


I know I shouldn’t say it, but I hate editing.  As a writer, I should at least somewhat like editing, but for me editing is the hard part of writing.  I have never been very good at it.  I am one of those writers who loves to scratch away at pen and paper (or tap quickly on the keyboard) not really worrying where the plot is going, not carrying if I am jumping tenses or even (gasp) forgetting a main character’s name, hair color, job, or whatever.  If I stop to worry about those things, I sometimes loose the idea I have, therefore stopping the momentum I have rolling down the plot hill of my story. 

I love writing, I am so happy to have had 7 acceptances this year of my work, but the editing to me is like getting a root canal done (okay I have never had one – knock on wood, but from what I hear they are pretty bad.)  I am lucky to have a great critique group and a wonderful man in my life who helps me edit my work (thanks Damian.)  However, the last week or so I have been working on editing one of my novels and I had no idea how bad my free thought, work hard at getting words on the paper, before my mind has moved on to two or three plot points farther down the road writing could be.  I am not saying the ideas are bad, which they are not, the plot, the characters, the feeling, etc are all great, well rounded, and put together well, but the grammar and spelling, let’s just say if it wasn’t for spell and grammar checker it would be even worse.

I don’t mind editing for content, I do enjoy that, making sure the characters do what they are suppose to (or if they take over, it at least makes sense) and finding where there is a plot hole to fill, but the actual grammar editing I hate.  Is that wrong for a writer to feel that way?  I guess when I edit, I start to feel like my work is not as good as it should be or could be and that makes me doubt myself and my work.  Please someone tell me I’m not the only writer who feels this way?

Well I rambled on enough for now, so off to edit this and make sure it works and nothing is out of place.  If I miss anything in the editing of this, I am sorry but hey, I am working on this while I am working and trying to build up the courage to keep editing my first serial killer story Cat Scratched so then I can go on to edit my second novel Ryan Says.  I hope to have them both at least somewhat editing by August 26 for – YEAH my first writer’s conference – Killercon, check out the conference at