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Branding myself

Posted: July 25, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Well for me this weekend has been very productive, even though I haven’t done a lot of writing, I have been working on getting my “branding” together.  Over the weekend, Damian worked on my business cards, they are going to look great, my friend Ginger Edwards, helped me to create a page:

I also have started working on some other pages to get my name out, hopefully I will get enough hits on pages to help me get my name out and to help me get some exposure.  I am planning on doing some writing and editing done today.

Plus, knowing that Killercon is about a month away that I need to be ready to push my novels, “Double or Nothing” which I am working on right now and “Ryan Says” that is in the process of being written.

Furthermore, last week my parents donated in my name to go National Novel Writing Month’s Night of Writing Dangerously in November, and I will be bringing a friend.  It will be so fun.  I am just grateful my parents enjoy donating to good causes.

Finally, I have gotten some acceptances lately including 2 stories at 6 Sentences (“Mind Games” and “The Mysterious Dr. Ramsey”,) 2 stories at FlashShot and finally my story “Animal Lover” with Pill Hill’s Press anthology Fem-Fangs.

I know with hard work, lots of hours on my new netbook (yes I love it so much) and some good luck, I can achieve my goal.