Well hello again, this week I got some good news, my submission for the 6 Sentences contest – the Mysterious Dr. Ramsey was accepted and will be in a book.  I was so excited.  Plus I got a note from a friend telling me they loved my story.  I am hopeful to keep the writing going and finish editing my vampire story, which of course Damian helped me edit (he rocks) and get submitted and a fingers crossed, receive another acceptance.  I still have 3 stories out right now waiting for answers, talk about the wait killing me, but hey it’s good practice for when I start sending out queries for novels (almost ready to start that on one of my novels, well once I finish editing it.)

Let’s see what else is on the horizon for me?  I am submitting another story today for 6 Sentences, their new contest called Mind Games, but choosing which story to submit is the hard part because I have 3 or 4 that would work, but I think I have narrowed down.  Finally, I am starting to work on two different novels, hopefully one will be good for the writers conference in August.

Well, if you interested in looking at the book my Mysterious Dr Ramsey story is in, here is the link so you can (if you want) buy it also:


Well thank you for reading and letting me vent about my life as usual.  Wishing all my writer friends good luck in their endeavors.


Okay I am a bad person I missed my critique group to meet up with a wonderful new friend and to see one of my favorite writers’s do a talk at the library.  It was Christopher Rice (son of Anne and Stan Rice) who has written wonderful books such as Destiny of Souls (2000) and his newest book The Moonlit Earth (2010).  Christopher Rice spoke beautifully about being an author, how he “gets his ideas” which only other writers could possible understand and he is grateful for all the opportunities he has had in is his life.

I spoke to Christopher after the talk and could feel his support for other writers out there, he even encouraged me to keep writing and keep trying.  He even agreed that writer’s conferences are good, even if you don’t walk away with a contract, you will get contacts and meet other writers who are going through the same thing you are.

He also spoke about how writers are cloistered away, hiding in the dark, tapping away on our keyboards, hoping for the words to flow into sentences, then into paragraphs, and finally completed stories.  He also talked about how great it is to have that first draft of a novel done.  He is right, the feeling of holding that huge stack of pages, all printed out on crisp white paper, ready to be marked up with revisions, changes and then completing the second draft.

I am inspired to keep writing, to keep trying, I may get some No’s, but I will still fight for another YES, and another one after that, and another, and another…. Oh you get my point.

I am still hopeful to achieve my goal and I am planning on submitting another story today or tomorrow, if I have enough time to finish it before I head out to dinner.  I am looking forward to tonight with friends and tomorrow night with a chance to speak to another not-local friend when his band, the Thomas Nicholas Band, comes into town to play at the Blue Martini – I can’t wait to see him play again and talk to him about my creative work and see if there is any chance of movement forward.

I will keep everyone updated on my progress.

Another submission

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Each day I work hard at trying to get my work out there.  I send my stories out into the internet ether in hopes of a yes, we love your work, please allow us to place it in our anthology, on our website or anywhere else they can put my work (as long as it’s not on the back of a bathroom stall door.)

I have a couple of stories that are almost ready to submit, a few waiting out in the ether for an answer.  The waiting is painful, honestly more painful then the “No thank you’s”  because at least during the waiting you can play tricks on yourself and make yourself believe that maybe, just maybe you’ll get a “YES.”

I also want to say thank you to a few of my fave people who make my writing worth it.  One is my honey Damian who puts up with me and my crazy writing events, late nights, and hair pulling days. Another is Ms. Mercedes, she is the one who inspired me to push myself and submit, without her in my life I would never have had the guts to say, “Screw it, if they say no, they say no, and I will never get a yes if I don’t try.”  My two mentors – Tony and the members of Cowboy Mouth.  Tony who has pushed me over the last 10 to 15 years to keep trying and CM who’s music made it possible for me to push my writing.  And finally my family, who are of course the greatest people on this Earth.  (Okay I am bias, but who cares.)

Today I submitted a story on Six Sentences at: http://sixsentences.ning.com/profiles/blogs/becoming-death I hope all of my friends will check it out.

Now back to work… more stories are trying to sneak out through my fingers on to the white page of my netbook screen.

Hello friends, family and anyone who finds me here.  I am a writer who has been writing my whole life and I have recently start submitting stories and getting a couple of pieces accepted.  What a wonderful feeling getting that first yes.0

I am currently working on a couple of pieces.  The first one is a Serial Killer story inspired by my mentor, ex-college professor from LSU, the second piece, my Bank Robbers story given to me by one of my favorite artists and he wishes to work with me on it and finally editing my 2008 Nano Novel Ryan Says, which was inspired by my time at LSU, friends from then and my fave band Cowboy Mouth.

Cowboy Mouth  is a rocking  band from New Orleans, LA and they played here in Vegas last night.  The show was great, I got to talk to the band members, their work has inspired much of my writing over the years, plus their lead signer Fred LeBlanc told the audience that I was the reason they came back to Vegas.  Talk about exciting and embarrassing at all the same time.  You can find Cowboy Mouth at http://www.cowboymouth.com

Okay back to my creative writing work.  This blog will be a way to help people learn about where they can find my work, where I stand on different projects and anything else that happens to come up.

I want to state here in this blog, my goal is to have at least one novel published and I am using this blog to be my “promise to myself and the world” to work until I accomplish this dream.