Current accomplishments and Goals

Posted: July 29, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Tomorrow I will be having a second story posted this month on FlashShot called “Love Is A Four Letter Word” and I am excited about the writing I have been doing lately.  I may not being hit word counts out of the ball park (which I love to do) but I am getting good words down on paper (well the screen I should say.)

Also, I recently hit a goal of $300 donated to National Novel Writing Month so I will be able to go to their Night of Writing Dangerously and bring a friend, but now I am trying to place in the most earned in donations.  I am not going to ask anyone to donate, but if you feel like it, please do, it’s for a great cause.  My parents were nice and donated in my name, because they know how much my writing means to me.  Here’s the link if you want to donate for me:

Today I added some history to a character which chilled me to the bone, which I can only hope others feel the same way about my work when it’s ready to be shown.  I know my critique group will like it when it’s ready to be shown.  I am working a couple of stories and editing another one all at the same time, but my only “problem” is that characters from each story are whispering to me for my attention.  One of the characters woke me up last night in the middle of the night to tell me something.  Luckily when I to write today, she was still talking to me and I found out why she enjoys certain insanities that she has.

I am hopeful to finish some big projects this year.  The goals for the rest of the year are:

  1. Finish editing Ryan Says so I can start trying to sell my novel
  2. Finish writing my newest novel Double or Nothing
  3. Get deeper into my plot for my untitled bank robbing bandits who are in a band
  4. Get some more stories published
  5. Win Nanowrimo this year (going to Night of Writing Dangerously should help)

Wishing everyone good luck on their goals for the year.

  1. Hey Laura,

    I got the link to your blog on the Fem Fangs thread at Pill Hill – I’m also appearing in this anothology. It’s actually my very first fiction publication.

    Just thought I’d give you a shout to say ‘I hear you girl!’. Editing can be the most laborious process to endure, and unfortunately necessary. Plot holes get me the most – I hate flicking back through work, only to find that I’ve written something, forgotten it, and then changed the entire plot afterwards!

    Anyway, good luck!



    • laurah213 says:

      thanks Ashleigh, I know the feeling. I am working on editing a novel for a writer’s conference coming up in about two weeks. I can’t wait. Congrats on your first publication. Pill Hill accepted my first publication for 365 Days of Flash Fiction. I can’t wait to read your story.


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