Keep Writing and Keep Your Head UP

Posted: July 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

I recently tried to talk a friend into trying to submit a story he is working on right now.  He is acting a bit hesitate to try submitting at this point. I now understand how certain friends of mine must of have felt when I said the same thing.  The idea of not submitting work now is heartbreaking to me (right now I am editing a few stories but I have nothing truly ready to submit right now and it’s driving me NUTS.)

I am grateful about what very limited success I have achieved with my 7 short stories being picked up for publication, and I know I have to keep working at it so I start going after bigger and better markets, however, if I didn’t keep trying, for me it would be like a shark who stops swimming, I would die.  Okay not that extreme, but now that I have had a taste of seeing the word YES on a story, I want that feeling again.  To me, now, a YES is like a drug. I long for it.  Something tells me I am not the only writer who feels that way.

Furthermore, all of us should be proud of being a writer/author/artist/etc.  Please be proud of yourself.  When someone asks you what you do, please don’t answer like I use to “I pretend to be a writer.”  Once I started saying “I am a writer, I write short stories, novels, screenplays and sometimes even poems.”  I took pride in myself and that gave me the ability to try and shot for the moon.  Yes I got turned down before, and I am sure I will again, but once I stood up for myself, became proud of being a writer, I slowly began to get a YES here and there and now I can say, “I am a published author!”  Okay kind of pretentious, but hey, I do have 7 stories that will be in print or are already in print.

Keep writing, be proud of yourself and submit.  Remember the old saying, “You’ll never get the job if you don’t put in an application.”  Well that’s true about submitting, you’ll never get published if you don’t submit.


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