some good news and I keep on trying

Posted: June 30, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Well hello again, this week I got some good news, my submission for the 6 Sentences contest – the Mysterious Dr. Ramsey was accepted and will be in a book.  I was so excited.  Plus I got a note from a friend telling me they loved my story.  I am hopeful to keep the writing going and finish editing my vampire story, which of course Damian helped me edit (he rocks) and get submitted and a fingers crossed, receive another acceptance.  I still have 3 stories out right now waiting for answers, talk about the wait killing me, but hey it’s good practice for when I start sending out queries for novels (almost ready to start that on one of my novels, well once I finish editing it.)

Let’s see what else is on the horizon for me?  I am submitting another story today for 6 Sentences, their new contest called Mind Games, but choosing which story to submit is the hard part because I have 3 or 4 that would work, but I think I have narrowed down.  Finally, I am starting to work on two different novels, hopefully one will be good for the writers conference in August.

Well, if you interested in looking at the book my Mysterious Dr Ramsey story is in, here is the link so you can (if you want) buy it also:

Well thank you for reading and letting me vent about my life as usual.  Wishing all my writer friends good luck in their endeavors.


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